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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What age do I have to be?
A: 25 to rent with a valid drivers license.   

Q: Are they bumpy on the road?
A: Our Polaris Gems come with the best suspention and power stearing, they are the smoothest of rides possible for a golf cart.  Our Star Carts is a true Golf Cart including a fun bumpy ride for you and the kids.  If you want a smoother relaxing ride please check out our Polaris Gem options in both 4 passenger and 6 passenger.

Q: Which roads can I drive on?
A: All the roads in Avalon, Sea Isle & Stone Harbor are 25 mph zones. Treat these carts as you would any vehicle on the road. (You cannot leave the island onto main roads)

Q: Can I get a refund for inclement Weather?
A: No refunds will be given for poor weather conditions. 

Q: Do I have to charge my Golf Cart if I didn’t use it today?
A: Yes, Golf carts are like cell phones and wont hold a charge forever. We provide a extension cord please charge everyday when not in use. Typically overnight is the best practice.

Q: How long will a charge last?
A: All of our golf carts will hold a charge of 20-30 miles depending on weight.

Q: What if it rains/floods, can I drive?
A: Electric Golf carts can drive in the rain. They come with headlights and (most) with wipers. They CAN NOT go through flooded waters.

Q: How fast do they go?
A: All of our golf carts max out at 25mph.

Q: How about cancellations?
A: Full refund within 2 weeks of rental date, 50% within 1 week, within 7 days 0% deposit will be refunded. No money will be refunded for early returns.

Q: How can we reserve?
A: Online booking is the easiest way, weekly rentals only but if you want shorter time please call us. 609-967-1400 (July & August WEEKLY ONLY)

Q: How will I know how to drive the golf carts?
A: When arriving to pick up your golf cart it will be ready, clean/sanitized and fully charged. Avalon Golf Carts employee will go over all the basics with you. Please ask any questions at this time.

Q: What happens if I have a question after hours?
A: We a have round the clock manager available for all questions, Just email

Q: I want to rent for 1, 2, or 3 days?
A: Weekly rentals only are available during July & August. Off season rentals (September-June) can be made for 24 hours, 2 day, 3 day and more.  

Q: Can you deliver our Golf Cart?
A: No, currently we do not deliver.  Pick up/Drop off is located at the Sunoco Gas Station & Avalon Auto Works in Avalon 

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